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Our Vision is built on a passion for helping women grow themselves and their businesses. We do so through our platform of courtyards where women can connect, discover, inform, inspire or simply be inspired. We believe connections are vital in that they provide a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose and can lead to an enhanced sense of self-worth. We also believe that human connection is crucial to our health. There are so many amazing women with meaningful experiences and inspirational methods that we decided to create Women, Wisdom and Networking as a means to share, support and empower. 

Co-founder, Sandy Ferrin, created WWN out of her passion to create community by connecting people. The purpose of WWN comes from a desire to connect women with other women who are willing to share their experiences that will empower discovery and developmentWe offer access to women willing to provide conversations, learning, and growth through their stories of empowerment.  Among the extraordinary women involved are, quite possible, the type of women you resonate with and who ignite you to thrive.  

In addition to offering inspiration from a myriad of women, our membership also offers a community forum, virtual and live courses, webinars, interviews, mastermind calls, articles and tutorials, downloadable content, archived content and member perks that include discounted travel, benefits packages, a member directory and member to member discounts.  

Visit our membership page and join us, why? - because “…every woman has the right to become herself” (ANI DIFRANCO) 

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